Lê Công Tuấn

Software Engineer & Technical Leader
Linagora Vietnam

Hi there, I'm Lê Công Tuấn 👋

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I’m a software engineer with 6 years of experience in developing and designing distributed applications built on top of cutting-edge technologies with interest in Microservices, DDD, and Clean Architecture. I mainly develop using Javascript and Microservices but would love to work with new languages and technologies wherever an opportunity presents itself. I have a passion for sharing what I’ve learned in my blog.


  • 🔭 Currently I’m working at Linagora
  • 📝 I blog here: https://tuanlc.xyz/
  • 💬 Ask me about Architecture Design, Microservices, DDD, Javascript, Typescript, Nodejs
  • 📫 Follow me on Twitter @tlcong
  • 👯 I’m looking to collaborate on: Microservices projects
Go lang Typescript MongoDB docker
k8s RabbitMQ Git GraphQL
Postgresql Elasticsearch OpenSource Vuejs

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