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Boilerplate for express, postgresql, prisma and typescript


Boilerplate for express, postgresql, prisma and typescript

Github repository:

This boilerplate follows clean architecture with SOLID principles. This sample define a simple user schema and handle two endpoints that allows users to create new accounts and login by them. There is also a middleware to validate JWT tokens that are provided by clients with Bearer authorization header.


  • Environment: Nodejs
  • Language: Typescript
  • Framework: Expressjs
  • ORM: Prisma
  • Database: Postgresql
  • Authentication: Basic, JWT
  • Inversion Of Control (D in SOLID): Awillix
  • Password hash library: bcryptjs


  • Create the .env file by copying the .env.example file
  • Database:
    • The easy way to have a Postgresql server is using docker or you can use Postgreql cloud
    • Once you have the database connection URL, replace the sample one in the .env file by yours
  • Install dependencies
npm install
  • Initialize database schema
npx prisma migrate dev --name "init" --preview-feature

Docker build

docker build -t app-name .

NPM scripts

  1. Run dev
npm run dev
  1. Linting
npm run lint
  1. Build
npm run build
  1. Run production
npm run start